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Sweet tooth: Covered


Hi! I’m Imogen and I love to bake! It has become a therapy for me and I’m excited to share it with you! Also, a portion of all money made in 2019 will go to charity.


Dessert prepared by me, made with lots of love and passion! For any occasion – customizable to your preference! Don’t see your favorite dessert? Please email for more desserts and information! Please give me at least a three day notice before you would like to receive your order!

I sell:

Cupcakes – $24 for a dozen

Cakes – starting at $25

Cookies – $12 for a dozen

Pies – $15

Quick Breads – $10 a loaf

Brownies – $7 a pan

*Cakes, cupcakes, and cookies come in any flavor you would like. Quick breads are the likes of banana bread and others.


Baking For Therapy
Chevy Chase MD

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